Sunday, December 31, 2017

Easy-rsa fails with "Missing or invalid OpenSSL"

Trying to use easyrsa on MacOS High Sierra, it failed with an error message

MacBook-Air:vpn me$ EasyRSA-3.0.3/easyrsa init-pki140736197817224:error:0E065068:configuration file routines:STR_COPY:variable has no   value:/BuildRoot/Library/Caches/  22/libressl/crypto/conf/conf_def.c:573:line 3
Easy-RSA error:
Missing or invalid OpenSSL
Expected to find openssl command at: openssl
This seems to be a known issue with MacOS High Sierra which has migrated to Libressl instead of Openssl, and has an easy workaround:

MacBook-Air:vpn me$ EASYRSA_OPENSSL=/usr/local/Cellar/openssl/1.0.2n/bin/openssl EasyRSA-3.0.3/easyrsa init-pki
init-pki complete; you may now create a CA or requests.
Your newly created PKI dir is: /Users/me/Documents/vpn/pki